DIY 20 Minute Apron for Under $5


My mom showed me how to make these aprons a couple years ago, and I think it is the greatest! These make the best gifts, they are inexpensive, AND THEY ARE SOOOO EASY TO MAKE. Seriously. It is going to be harder to explain how to make it, then to actually make it.


What you need

  • Tea towel (one per apron)
    • I like to use the floursack ones (Polkadot: $0.50 @ Walmart, kitchen measurement: $2.50 @ Target)
  • Extra wide double fold bias tape (one per apron)
    • Pick one that matches your tea towel. ($2.19 @Hobby Lobby – use a 40% off coupon to make it even cheaper!!!)
  • Thread in a color that matches the bias tape
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors




Start by folding your tea towel down the middle the long way. You are going to mark where you will cut for the apron arms. I fold it in half to cut both sides at the same time to ensure they are the same. I like to take an apron I have, fold it in half, and line it up on the fold of the tea towel to mark the same shape. If you don’t have an apron, you will draw a rounded line in the corner maybe about 6 inches from the corner both ways *see picture


Next, get our your bias tape and mark the center. I then put the bias tape around my neck, with the center of the bias tape at the center of the back of my neck, and mark the point I want the neck strap to meet the apron. Do this on one side, and then measure the length on the other side of center to make it even.


Tuck the cut edge on each side of the tea towel into the fold of the bias tape and pin.



Starting at one end of the bias tape, sew along the open side of the bias tape the entire length of the bias tape. THAT’S IT! You have a super cute apron!




Still Small Voice: Free download

I want to share these prints I made for a lesson my sister taught this week! Both are intended to remind us to quiet out lives and look/listen harder for those subtle promptings we receive.Still small voice-01

Here is the download for the L. Tom Perry quote above: Still small voice. Just download and print.

Whispering of the spirit1-01

The second one looks like nothing is there but look closer! I love the idea that you can only see the this if you are really looking. Here is the download: Whispering of the spirit. Just download and print.