DIY Vertical Pallet Garden


This last spring, fresh herbs and fresh flowers were needed on the balcony of my apartment. This 5′ X 6′ space was not big enough for a horizontal garden, so I decided to use the wooden pallet I already had to build a vertical garden.

Most of the work was done at night, so many apologies for the bad photo quality.

What you need

Heat Treated symbol.jpg

Heat Treated symbol

  • Wooden Pallet- Make sure that it is heat treated to know it hasn’t been treated with pesticides
  • Staple gun/ Staples
  • Hammer
  • Newspaper
  • Landscaping fabic/ weed block ($5.66 @ Walmart)
  • Potting soil
  • Paint (I used $1 wood stain from Ikea and chalkboard paint from target $1 bins)


Start by removing every other wood plank on one side using a hammer. This helps define the garden boxes and allows for more sunlight. Depending on the wooden pallet, you may need to remove more or less panels.

*I did not paint the pallet at this point, but I would recommend doing it now so you don’t have to paint around the landscaping fabric. Since my memory fails me, using chalkboard paint on the front panels allowed me to write what I had planted in each box.

Double the the  landscaping fabric over and use it to create pockets in between the front and back panels. These pockets will be your individual flower boxes. Staple around the top edges using your staple gun. Landscaping fabric will allow the roots to breathe and let extra water drain off without the soil and plants coming through.


I painted the pallet at this point, but if you already have you’re ready to move on.

Line the bottom of each flower box with crumpled or shredded newspaper to prevent root rot. Cover the news paper with potting soil and Voila, your garden is ready to be planted.

fullsizeoutput_3b22.jpeg*Confession… I started my seedlings inside, replanted them in my pallet garden, and then proceeded to travel to Africa for 3 weeks, over which time all my plants died.  That’s why there is no picture of a luscious green garden in my vertical garden.